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Everything You Need to Know About Trump’s Tough New Immigration Plan

Originally published in Storia

Following up on promises made during his campaign, President Trump has released a new 71-point immigration enforcement plan. The ambitious plan aims to protect American workers while corking up the numerous loopholes that illegal immigrants use to gain entrance into the US and avoid deportation once here.

This new plan is all part of negotiations with Democrats to protect the rights of the Dreamers currently residing in the country. The White House says that the new points must be within any bill that legalizes these individuals.

The 71 points were acquired by asking officials across many areas including Justice, State, and Labor Departments, and three agencies at Homeland Security to offer suggestions of what they believed should be included in the plan.

Here are some of the proposed points in the plan:

  • To cease loopholes including the “magic words” that immigrants state when apprehended by Border Patrol agents. These words include stating that they have a “credible fear” of returning to their country or stating that they are “afraid to return home.”Currently, those individuals are placed on an asylum track and eventually just blend into the American landscape, making it hard for them to be deported. This new plan would put restrictions on this practice, and those individuals would have to show proof of said danger.
  • Visitors who overstay their visas without an attempt to renew will be subject to misdemeanor penalties.
  • The plan aims to curtail a 2001 Supreme Court decision that allowed tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, including murderers, to be released from prison.
  • Enshrining into law the ability for state, federal, and local authorities to detain illegal immigrants, even within sanctuary cities.
  • The plan also has points that would create a quicker deportation process and give federal agents more leeway when denying immigrants at the border.

Some of the plans included are those that were part of the 2013 immigration bill which was approved by all Democrats engaged in the vote.

Those points included the requirement of all businesses to use E-Verify to ensure that people are legal before being hired, additional fencing at the border, and the cancellation of the yearly visa lottery in which 50,000 green cards are sent out at random.

When responding to criticism for the plan, the White House responded by saying “Congress doesn’t need an excuse to pass laws that make our streets safer or our country safer or to make our jobs more secure. It is just the right thing to do.”

Putin Says He “Absolutely Did Not Meddle” In 2016 Election

Originally published in Storia

When it comes to getting to the bottom of the Russian collusion scandal, the best solution may be to go straight to the source, and that is exactly what President Trump did.

During the economic summit in Vietnam this weekend, Trump took Russian President Vladimir Putin off to the side and asked him directly if he meddled with the 2016 election.

Trump said that Putin made his answer very clear by saying “he said that he didn’t meddle. He said he didn’t meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times.”

“He said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. He did not do what they are saying he did,” Trump continued.

When further questioned about his thoughts about the Russia scandal, Trump called it a “Democratic hit-job” that is getting in the way of international relations and creates a barrier that prevents any actual progress for peace in the world.

He took it even deeper by saying just how dangerous this talk is, especially when it comes to working to rid North Korea of their ambitions with nuclear weapons.

“People will die because of that,” Trump said. “I call it this artificial Democrat barrier that gets in the way.”

Trump makes it a point to say that he believes that Putin is sincere. “All he said is, he never did that, he didn’t do that. I think he’s very insulted by it, which is not a good thing for our country,” the President said.

Trump continued: “I can’t stand there and argue with him. I would rather have him get out of Syria, I would rather get to work with him on the Ukraine rather than arguing about whether or not – that whole thing was set up by the Democrats.”

President Trump says that the world really doesn’t have time to be continuing this conversation because right now, the nations of Russia, China, and America have to work together to put a stop to the deadly plans of North Korea.

“This isn’t baby stuff,” Trump said. “This is the real deal. And if Russia helped us in addition to China, that problem would go away a lot faster.”

Trump said that he has asked Russia about their election meddling numerous times in the past and he always gets the same response. “Everybody knows there was no collusion,” Trump said.

That isn’t to say that Trump believes that there wasn’t any election foul play, he just doesn’t think that Russia is the culprit.

“I’m not saying it wasn’t Russia,’ Trump said to reporters this weekend. “What I’m saying is that we have to protect ourselves no matter who it is. You know, China is very good at this. I hate to say it, North Korea is very good at this.”