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Great Guitars for Every Skill Level

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Learning the guitar is a great hobby for anyone of any age or skill level. Learning this instrument not only leads to creating music but also helps with hand-eye coordination andmemorization. Here are some great models from everyone from beginners to multi-platinum rock stars.

basic guitarBeginning Guitars

For those picking up a guitar for the first time, it is often suggested to start with an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars have heavier strings and a thicker neck than an electric guitar and thus, if you master the acoustic, electric can be a snap. A great beginner acoustic guitar is the Seagull S6 Entourage or the Takamine G Series, both of which are basic acoustic guitars that feature classic dreadnought bodies and slim necks which make leaning the instrument a snap.

Starting off with an electric guitar is another great way to learn guitar. Electric guitars can enable you to learn more playing techniques such as hammer-ons and slides plus for those learning to be future rock stars, picking up an electric model is a great way to start. A couple different models to consider are the Fender Squire or Epiphone Les Paul guitars which are made with exceptional care and quality. Plus, the relatively low price tag on these models are great just in case the guitar-playing hobby falls to the wayside.

medium guitarGuitars for the Casual Player

For those out there who have been playing guitar for a while, who know the most of the intermediate techniques, can play a few songs and strum without looking at the fret board, you are well on your way to rockstar status. At this point you may just be looking for a new guitar to add to your collection. As far as acoustic goes, you may want to check out the Gretsch Roots Series or the Loar LH-300 models, both of which have vintage body types and amazing craftsmanship.

Electric models to consider include the Epiphone Les Paul Pro Ebony model which is ideal for the left handed musician and also includes Epiphone’s ProBucker hambuckers and a price tag that is not out of this world. Of take a look at the Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro guitar which has a truly unique body shape and neck design. These guitars are slightly more expensive than the beginner models but get a lot of bang for the buck.

Rockstar Guitars

double neckFor the musical prodigies and master guitar players out there who are looking for their next big guitar playing challenge, there are a few models that you should consider.

The Gibson ES-335 12-string guitar for instance is a gorgeous model with a vintage cherry gloss and semi hollow body. Plus with six additional strings add a truly unique sound to this beautiful guitar.

For those really wanting to make an impression, look no further than a great double-neck guitar. One model of note is the Gretsch G5566 jet double neck with its double necks that act as a guitar and a bass with the same instrument.

Finally, try something new with the Gibson Montana Electric Acoustic Guitar. This sweet yet pricey guitar is designed to benefit all musicians by combining the ease and rockability of an electric guitar and the smooth sound of an acoustic. This awesome instrument is definitely worth the price tag!


Great Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and with it comes the question of what to get him for his special day. Men in general can be hard to shop for and they probably already have their fill of neck ties and fishing lures. Sometimes thinking out of the gift box can be a great way to surprise the man that you love the most. Getting them something they never expect can be a splendid surprise. Here are some non-conventional gifts that are sure to make his day.

Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller

This nifty little device could be that perfect gift that he never even knew existed. This great machine chills beverage cans in just one minute and wine bottles in just under six and it even rotates them as they cool. All you need to do is pour some ice and water in the cooler, plug it in and in no time his favorite beverage is the cool delicious treat that he’s been waiting for on that hot summer day.

Learn to fly a helicopter

Instead of giving him a gift that he will just smile at and then place on a shelf to gather dust, give him the opportunity to fly! From Cloud 9 Living, you can pay just $200 dollars and give your father his own personal helicopter flying lesson. Side by side with some of the top flight trainers in the industry, he will learn the controls and experience the art of flying. In addition to helicopters, they also offer training on airplanes and gliders.

Marimo Light bulb Fish tank

For the ocean life enthusiast father, this cool little light bulb shaped Marimo aquarium may be the best gift that he didn’t even know existed. This little bulb supports its own ecosystem and comes with a live Marimo, a living moss ball. The Japanese believe that this small creature creates good luck but it will also look great on your desks and tables. All he needs to do is change the water every two weeks and display it in artificial life. Truly something different!

Golf lesson with a PGA pro

For the father who can’t go a day without being out on the course, this could just be the best gift he could ever receive. At Cloud 9 Living you can purchase an hour of training from a true PGA tour pro! Instructors include PGA teachers of the year and former tour players who can give him the tips that will make him the hero of the course. Recipients can also choose their instructor and the course. This is a gift that simply cannot be passed up.

Army Guy Beer Opener

What guy out there didn’t enjoy playing with their little green army guys when they were a kid? Well good news, the adventure can continue with this cool little army guy bottle opener. Unlike those old toys, this opener is no cheap piece of plastic. At over four inches long, the opener is made of die cast metal and is perfect for opening any bottle. At less than $13 dollars it won’t break the bank and is perfect for the father who wants to be a kid again.