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Companies could benefit due to restored United States-Cuban relations

-Originally published with National Monitor

A historical and world changing deal was made this week when talks from the combined forces of Washington, Pope Francis, the Canadian government and Cuba President, Rual Castro, came to the end after eighteen months of secret negotiations which freed United States spy Rolando Sarraf Trujillo, who had been imprisoned in Cuba for the better part of the last twenty years, and created a deal leading the United States and Cuba are on the path to restoration.

The restoration of relations between the United States and Cuba means many things, not least of all is the fact that Cuba is a country active in business and available land and their economy could help our economy. And that means more than just the potential availability of those cigars the people seem to like so much.

First of all, the tourism market would improve. For as far back as most can remember, if an American wanted to visit Canada, they had to jump through hoops including costly charter flights or spending more money by going through Mexico or Canada. It is a lot of work to get to a place whose shore is less than ninety miles away from our own and involves a flight that takes only thirty minutes. However, with the bans lifted, travel will become much easier, plus, Americans will be able to use their debit and Credit cards there as well.

Those who have not visited probably don’t know just how beautiful the country of Cuba really is. The country is home to many beautiful land developments housing gorgeous hotels and also is a producer of some of the most beautiful cars around, such as those seen in photographs taken during the 1950’s.

When it comes to the hotel aspect, there is no finer of a place to set a hotel than Cuba and American hotel chains will probably take notice. It’s a good bet that American chains, such as Marriott, Starwood and Hilton, will want to check out locations to expand their brand. This market would go hand in hand with the tourism aspect while creating boosts in both economy’s. The land is basically there for the taking.

Our automobile industry may also get a boost due to these improved relations. At this point in time, the Cuban automotive industry is extremely limited. Over the years, the government there has chosen only a select handful of car companies to make their cars and they were the only name in town. However, with relations opening up, American car companies could get their hands in the pot, benefiting the economy of both countries while giving the people of Cuba higher quality automobiles.

Although these are all great prospects to consider, it is important to remember that although talks are underway, there are no guarantees as of yet. In a speech, Cuban President Castro stated even though the economic blockages must cease, this does not mean that the heart of the issue between our two countries has officially come to an end. Only time will tell.


Stephen Collins officially confesses to sexual abuse to underage girls

-Originally published with National Monitor

Actor Stephen Collins, most famously known as the father on the family drama, 7th Heaven, has been in the news a lot over the last few months but not for any reasons that he is proud of. The actor recently sent a statement to People Magazine where he admits to his missteps while also trying to clear the air about a few grisly details.

The actor’s troubles began when a tape of him discussing sexual interactions that occurred over twenty years ago with underage children was discussed during a confidential therapy session with his wife, Faye Grant, two years ago. The two of them are engaged in a bitter divorce that leaves some critics thinking that Grant released this tape in the hopes of making her look better during the divorce proceedings.

The conversation was taped without his knowledge as well as without the knowledge of the therapist. Such an invasion of privacy would most likely be frowned upon but once the tape was released on popular gossip site, TMZ, the damage had officially been done. Word began traveling fast as Collins began losing his current acting jobs, was dropped from several future jobs and stood by as syndicated episodes of his popular television show, 7th Heaven, were ripped off of the air by the TV Guide Network.

The name, Stephen Collins, may not be the most well-known name in Hollywood but the actor has made quite a life for himself in show business. He has been acting since 1975, starring in television shows and movies as well as writing two novels, Double Exposure in 1998 and Eye Contact in 1994. He also has a discography consisting of three vocal recordings for his stage appearances.

Although Collins has starred in over twenty films, including The Three Stooges, Blood Diamond and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Collins has made most of his bread and butter from television. He has played parts in TV shows ranging from The Office to Revolution but his most famous role is that of Eric Camden on the popular drama series, 7th Heaven. That show was the longest running on the Warner Brothers network with eleven seasons under its belt.

But all that is a thing of the past and Collins is now in repair-overhaul mode, coming clean so that he can try and move ahead and, more importantly, help those who he has hurt to move ahead. He admits that his actions were terrible while giving his apologies to the women who he has hurt. He states that he had gone to one of the victims years ago but he felt that even though the woman was “extraordinarily gracious” for his confession, the apology opened old wounds. He has not personally apologized to the other women for that reason.

Although he only admitted these deeds in an essay to People Magazine, he will be discussing this matter in person when he talks with Katie Couric of Yahoo Global News for a more in-depth discussion. Check out the essay in the next issue of People, out on newsstands on Friday.